Dartmouth Dental Practice


  • I have been with this practice for a number of years and I have had excellent treatment and I have had confidence in all staff

    Mrs T 07/06/21
  • I had a very old filling removed and the tooth was then rebuilt.I hardly felt the injection and the treatment was pain-free.As always,Marian did a fantastic job and was regularly checking that I was alright..Great dentistry!Thank you Marian.

    Mr B 05/06/21
  • Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much. Chris.

    Mrs T 04/06/21
  • I am absolutely phobic about going to the dentist. I am a complete pain in the neck on nearly every visit. But everyone, from start to finish, makes me feel that it’s ok. I’m never made to feel uncomfortable or that I’m being ridiculous! So thanks, peeps!

    Mrs L 20/05/21
  • Thank you for an excellent visit for treatment. Safe and spotless

    Mrs H 12/05/21
  • Superb service as always

    Mrs R 30/04/21
  • The experience was very Covid secure. Dr. Roberts did an amazing job on filling and rebuilding a front tooth. Cosmetically it looks even better than it was before It was damaged. As always all the staff were very kind, attentive and professional.

    Mrs H 25/04/21
  • I've just undergone root canal treatment at this practice and not only was it successful but most importantly pain free. Most professional.

    Mr P 22/04/21
  • very thorough and reliable dental service - Marian is patient polite and best of all gentle - also very consultative in her approach to deciding the best dental treatment and explaining the various procedures

    Mrs C 15/04/21
  • Everything as fine as usual! Though missing the magazines!!!!

    Mrs W 11/04/21