Dartmouth Dental Practice


  • Excellent treatment and care by everyone concerned lucky to be with this Dental practice

    Mrs H 20/02/24
  • Friendly and professional staff. Excellent as always.

    Mrs B 17/02/24
  • I am always very happy with my treatment.

    Mr R 17/02/24
  • Always feel very comfortable and well looked after - thank you

    Mrs S 16/02/24
  • I’m glad I joined Dartmouth Dental Practice! My dentist clearly knows his onions and gives clear and concise summaries of what the problem is and what he recommends to do about it! The hygienist is firm but fair and has improved my dental hygiene markedly. The reception staff are cheerful and efficient! Overall a great practice!

    Mr T 16/02/24
  • Great Team, good communication, You get what you pay for.

    Mr T 19/01/24
  • I was dreading the extraction of a large molar. However, though I’d rather be having coffee with a friend, I was full of admiration for Marian’s enormous care and tenacity with my very stubborn tooth. Marian did everything to avoid cutting my gum and, thankfully, succeeded. The procedure was carried out as gently as possible and I don’t think anyone else could have done better!!

    Mrs C 08/01/24
  • Good care and professional advice from Marian and her team as always. Thank you.

    Mrs P 12/12/23

    Mr S 12/12/23
  • Wonderful service, as always. Kind and caring staff, who are 100% behind you. Have been with the same practice for over 30 years and will never go anywhere else. Highly recommended.

    Mrs K 30/11/23