Dartmouth Dental Practice

New Patients

Independent Registration

We will see you as an independent or private patient. Call the practice and ask to be seen as an independent patient. The reception staff will be able to advise on fees for a consultation as well as arrange an appointment. Should it become evident that you need treatment the dentist will advise you of likely cost. We will produce a treatment plan for you which includes a detailed breakdown of costs.

  • Private treatment for adults only
  • NHS treatment for children only.
    We have a very small NHS contract to treat children and there is limited availability for this.
  • Private treatment for adults and children


The only way to become a registered patient of this practice is to be seen by a dentist. We cannot register you without you being seen. The Emergency out of hours on-call service we provide is only for registered patients of this practice.

Medical History

Before we see you it's very important that we know about your medical history. It may affect the type of treatment we are able to offer you. If you have any prescribed drugs or medicines we need to know what they are. We also need to know about any other medical conditions or treatments you are receiving or have received in the past. We will ask you to complete a medical history form prior to your appointment. Allow yourself an additional 10 minutes before your alloted appointment time to complete the form.

Online Registration Form